PP PE PE-RT PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

PP PE PE-RT PPR pipe extrusion line manufactured by Beier has been successfully running in Germany and Middle East markets, widely satisfied and approved by customers.

Internal layer PP-R:30%

La capa interna hecha de granulado de polipropileno de alta calidad presenta el código de colores de la tubería y se utiliza para garantizar el renombrado procesamiento del estado, así como para proteger las capas intermedias.

Second layer Glass fiber compounding:30%

The PPR glass fiber compound is the result of detailed research carried out at the Beier Polymer-Engineering division and is a new development in this field. the perfect interaction between the corresponding glass fibres and the PP-R provides outstanding properties in terms of linear expansion, deflection and low-temperature impaction strengh.

Intermediate layer PP-R.30%

Comportamiento de estrés a largo plazo mejorado con períodos de operación más largos, especialmente a temperaturas más altas.

External layer PP-R CT:10%

PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

PP-R pipe application: underfloor heating, central heating installations in houses and industries, ndustrial transportations chemical fluids and gasses, conveyance of potable water, special applications undersea networks, networks with a high risk of electrochemical corrosion etc, hot and cold water transportation.

PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

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PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

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PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

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