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PVC Extrusion Line
  • pvc-pipe-belling-machine
    PVC Pipe Belling Machine

    PVC Pipe Belling Machine Description: Pipe Belling-machine Expander with drawing device and program interface concerned is used with extruding machine. It is also could separating operation. While expanding pipes, the machine adopts tran……

  • O-PVC-automatic-extrusion-line
    O-PVC Automatic Extrusion Line

    O-PVC Automatic Extrusion Line Application: O-PVC automatic extrusion line is mainly used in manufacturing the pipe for agricultural and constructional plumbing, cable laying etc. O-PVC automatic extrusion line is composed by conical t……

  • O-PVC Manufacture Line
    110-630mm O-PVC Manufacture Line

        O-PVC Manufacture Line Cost Efficiency Half thickness of PVC-U pipe. Raw material cost effective. 4 Times impact resistance to external loads Energy Efficient Smooth inner wall. Higher water conveyance. Increase……

  • PVC Pipe Extrusion Line
    16-1000mm PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

    16-1000mm PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Description: PVC pipe extrusion line consists of conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum forming equipment, Haul-off machine, cutting machine, stacker and other components, with good stability, and produce……