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PVC/WPC(PVC Based) Profile Extrusion Line

PVC/WPC Profile Extrusion Line Application:

Fetching the European and American advanced technology and uniting with our domestic condition. Beier company develop this PVC/WPC Profile Extrusion Line. PVC profile extrusion line possesses the features such as novel style,reasonable structure and easy to  operate. The main extruder in this extrusion line,manufactured by Beier company,matches with auxiliary machines and die head. This profile extrusion line can realize full automatic control from feeding to staking. Meanwhile each machine can be regulated manually.It is with the high elasticizing capacity,low energy consumption,high efficiency high cost performance,long life and other advantages,It’s the best equipment to produce all kinds of plastic profile.


PVC profile extrusion line mold is divided and made in three parts: extrusion mold, lip mold and calibration mold.
The multi-stage designed guarantees the low friction for each part to ensure the surface more smoothly.
1.Independent and mobile control screen for more easy operation.
2.Strong water cooling for quick calibration.
3.Whole frame made by stainless steel.
4.Adjustable moving for accurate production.

PVC/WPC Profile Extrusion Line Features:
1.Conical twin-screw extruder, suitable for processing PVC powder and WPC raw materials.
2.Changing the moulds to produce many kinds of different PVC profiles.
3.Auxiliary machine: Mixing unit, Mould, Vacuum calibration table, Haul-off machine, Cutter and Stacker.

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