Beier Machinery in FEIPLASTIC 2017

Exhibition information

Time: April 3-7 2017
Location: Sao Paulo Ann Year Exhibition Center
Exhibition cycle: two years
Beier Machinery Booth: M37

What’s in this exhibition?
Plastic injection molding machine, plastic pipe extrusion line, plastic mold and die, plastic powder feeder, plastic filling machine, profile extrusion line, reaction or reinforced resin equipment, granulator, automatic blow molding machine, hollow plate extrusion machine, profile extrusion machine, injection molding machine, PET special extrusion sheet machine, rubber raw materials, plastic raw materials, cast film (sheet) machine , Packaging machinery, printing machinery.

Introduction of the exhibition

The Brazilian International Plastics Industry Exhibition is held every two years. It has an area of 85,000 square meters. In 2015, there were about 1350 companies from more than 30 countries attending the exhibition. And, it attracted more than 60,000 people from more than 60 countries to visit the exhibition. It is the biggest exhibition in plastic industry in Latin America. It aims to provide a platform for exhibitors to exchange the latest technology and information.

Market analysis

Statistics suggest that, from Jan to Feb in 2016, total import and export in Brazil is 24.59 billion US dollars, export accounts for 24.59 billion US dollars and import is 20.63 billion US dollars. Until to Feb this year, China has become the largest export market in Brazil, as well as the largest import market. After the combination of Brazilian Sao Paulo Stock Exchange and Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange, Brazil will become the second-largest stock exchange and its market value will reach 18 billion US dollars, just behind the US.



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