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  • PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Line
    PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Line 20-63mm

    PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Line Description The PVC dual pipe extrusion line was developed by Bell Machinery combined with foreign technology. The main machine SJZ-51, 55, 65, 80 conical twin-screw extruder, equipped with independent double……

  • PVC / PMMA Roof Tile Making Machine
    PVC / PMMA Roof Tile Making Machine

    PVC / PMMA Roof Tile Making Machine Description: The main part of the PVC / PMMA roof tile making machine is equipped with a conical twin screw. Screw barrel: to ensure the excellent plasticization of mixed materials suitable for a va……

  • WPC Board Making Machine
    WPC Board Making Machine

    WPC Board Making Machine Description: The WPC board making machine collects advantages of wood and plastic. The WPC board extrusion machine not only has natural wood face, but also conquers nature wood shortage. The WPC board making mach……

  • PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine
    PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine

    PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine Description: 1.Internal layer PP-R:30% The internal layer made from high grade polyproylene granulate features the colour coding of the pipe and is used to guarantee the renowned sate processing as well as to ……

  • PE Tube Extrusion Line
    PE Tube Extrusion Line

    PE Tube Extrusion Line Description: PE tube extrusion line has the high degree automation and long service life,controls the temperate auxiliary engine velocity modulation automatically. PE tube extrusion line produces product wall thick……

  • plastic pipe extrusion
    Principle of Plastic Extrusion Machine

    Plastic extrusion machine is widely used in the processing of pipes, rods, monofilaments, plates, films, wire and cable coatings, profiles and so on. The principle of the plastic extruder machine is that the solid plastic is melted and p……

  • The Direction of the Development of Plastic Extruder Machine

    The future market of new plastic extruders and production lines will develop in the direction of high technical content and low price. Domestic extruders are now mainly based on conical twin-screw extruders and single-screw extruders. The……

  • plastic-extruder-machine
    Improved Performance of Plastic Extruder Machine for High Yield

    In order to meet the needs of high speed and high yield, the performance of plastic extruder machine is greatly improved. Equipped with tube heaters, the heating work of the extruder can be completed in a very short period of time, and th……

  • pe-pipe-making-machine
    Development trend of Plastic Extruders

    The development trend of plastic extruders are as follows: (1)Extruders are developing towards large-scale, high-speed and high-efficiency. It is not uncommon for foreign plastic extruders with screw diameters of 200-250mm to have specia……

  • What Should you Pay Attention to When Operating the Extruder?

    What should you pay attention to when operating the extruder? 1. Before starting the extruder, check the inside and outside of the barrel, whether there is any foreign matter in the upper and lower sides of the hopper, check whether the ……

  • single-screw-extruder-1
    Maintenance of Single Screw Extruder

    Just as the car needs maintenance, the extruder of your factory also needs maintenance. The daily maintenance of the single screw extruder can not only reduce the failure of the extruder, but also extend the use of the single screw extrud……

  • extruder
    What Matters We Need to Pay Attention to When Purchasing an Extruder

    The wide application of plastic products has promoted the rapid development of plastic machinery industry, Extruder can be divided into single screw, twin screw and multi screw extruder according to the number of screws. And how to choose……

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