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  • Pipe Extrusion Line
    16-2500mm PE High Speed High Efficieny Pipe Extrusion Solution

    PE pipe application: Polyethylene is now in widespread use in many industries particularly industrial piping systems, including underground gas and water pipelines, where it is the dominant material. PE Pipe Extrusion Line Featu……

  • PVC Roof Tile Extrusion Line-A New Choice For Factory

    Most of factory buildings are using regular roof tile such as metal based or cement based. However many shortages of traditional roof tile has been gradually exposed. Some industries may have very bad working environment , mass of harmful……

  • Jiangsu Beier Machinery Win Many Awards Of China Plastic Mechanical Industry Association

    Congratulations! In the 6th convention of China Plastic Mechanical Industry Association, JIANGSU BEIER MACHINERY is awarded multiple honors. Association introduction China Plastic Mechanical Industry Association is established in 1993 a……

  • Jiangsu Beier machinery was elected vice president unit of China Plastic Mechanical Industry Association

    Jiangsu Beier Machinery is successfully awarded the vice president unit in the 6th convention of Chinese Plastics Machinery Industry Association. China Plastic Mechanical Industry Association is established in 1993 at the approval ……

  • plastic pipe extrusion
    The trend of development of energy-saving plastic pipe extrusion industry

    With the social progress and the application of science and technology, people’s demand for plastic is growing. The market of plastic pipe extrusion industry has great potential under the support of state. Nevertheless, compared with the ……

  • Beier extrusion machinery achieves good starting in Chinaplas2017

    Today, Chinaplas2017 is annually held in China Import and Export Commodities Fair, Pazhou, Guangzhou. As an annual grand event, it attracts more than 140000 audience and 100 buyer groups from over 150 countries and areas to visit the exhi……

  • plastic pipe extrusion
    The plastic pipe industry has a bright future

    In recent years, with the deepening of China’s reform and opening up and the state’s investment in infrastructure construction, the domestic demand of plastic pipe has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, especially ……

  • The maintenance and cleaning of plastic pipe extrusion machines

    Just as the car Just as car, the extrusion machines are also needed to be maintained. Jiangsu Beier Machinery is a main manufacturer of plastic pipe extrusion company. Following is the instruction of its methods of maintenance &……

  • Beier machinery in Taiyuan annual meeting

    Association Introduction China Plastics Processing Industry Association is established in 1989. It is a non-profit industry organization, organized by plastic processing industries, public institutions, social groups, scientific resear……


    Recently, pipe extrusion line produced by Jiangsu Beier Machinery is successfully installed and operating in our customer's factory in Taizhou. Customer is very satisfied with our production lines and services. Those pipe extrusion lines ……

  • Beier Machinery in FEIPLASTIC 2017

    Exhibition information Time: April 3-7 2017 Location: Sao Paulo Ann Year Exhibition Center Exhibition cycle: two years Beier Machinery Booth: M37 What's in this exhibition? Plastic injection molding machine, plastic pipe ext……

  • New market has recently been found

    Foreign media said that astronomers have discovered the largest group of potential dinosaurs so far, about 40 light years from Earth. According to the British "Financial Times" website reported on February 23, led by the Belgian Universit……