BRP Series Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

Characteristics of BRP series parallel twin screw extruder:

With the new BRP Parallel twin screw extruder design,we offer an optimal solution specifically for PVC processing.Looking at the striking advantages.The specially designed screw concept enables every gentle and homogenous plasticizing.Long processing units ensure stable processes and very reliable production in many different applications.You profit from high output,consistently excellent product quality and an outstanding performance riatio-over the whole performance range.

BRP series parallel twin screw extruder Advantages

1.Available to rigid and soft PVC included C-PVC;
2.Unique screw design to achieve higher plasticizing and products quality;
3.Core self-circulation temperature control for screw. More accurate temperature control system;
4.Gearbox of high torsion balance to realize stable running,low oil temperature available;
5.BRP series parallel twin screw extruder with automatic and visible circulation system of lubricant on gear box;
6.H shape frame to decrease vibrating;
7.PLC (Simatic Multi Panel) operation panel to ensure synchronization;
8.Energy conservation, easy to maintenance.

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