Chinese plastic pipe extrusion industry development potential

At present, Chinese press industry in the global market structure is changing, highlighting the sharp decline in imports of equipment, of course, the decline in imports does not mean that the decline in foreign equipment utilization, because most of the brand manufacturers have moved to China; Exports are also slowing down, especially after a year of rapid growth in 2012, the overall slowdown in 2013 was significant.

Imports of 179 plastic pipe extrusion  in October, imports amounted to 66.79 million US dollars, imports grew 61.3%. Of course, such a large growth rate is mainly due to last year’s extruder imports from October began a continuous decline in imports this year, the overall decline in imports of large, October is the first half of the first import growth. Another year the export of the same extruder extruded in October, the export of 818 sets of extruder, the export value of 25.574 million US dollars, down 12.3% year on year. From this year overall, compared with the substantial growth in 2012, the first 10 months of this year, extruder exports fell 7.3%.

Although this year Chinese exports of Thai injection molding machine fell sharply, but it seems there are signs of warmer, but in fact there is a demand for growth in the extrusion machine, from January to October this year, Thailand imported a total of 413 Taiwan from the extruder, the amount of exports 2220 Million dollars, relative to last year’s 15.887 million US dollars increased by 39.7%, although last year is a large number of Thai presses to replace the goods into the year. Also worth mentioning is that the extruder has always been lower export unit price, but Thailand this year, unit price also exceeded 50,000 US dollars, reaching 54,000 US dollars.

In addition, although the Russian imports in October fell sharply, but Russia is still the largest importer of Chinese extruder. October imports amounted to 1.566 million US dollars, accounting for 6% of China’s total exports of extruder, and Thailand quite.

In short, the current situation in the global pattern of presses, mainly showing a number of characteristics: First, the import in the reduction; Second, the export growth in the slowdown; Third, the export unit price is improving.

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