Client Test Between Beier Machinery Extrusion line and Germany Extrusion line,Surprise Result!

Recently, one of the Egypt’s largest pipe manufacturer has carried out an energy-saving test in their workshop. They compared the pipe extrusion line produced by JIANGSU BEIER machinery with the extrusion line from a famous German brand.
Big brands represents the maturity of technology, the assurance of quality and the sustained and stable of production. Especially German equipments are very popular in the Middle East areas.
Now, BEIER machinery is sold more and more in that region for its European standard in quality, stability and appearance. Most important advantage is, BEIER’s extrusion line focus on energy saving which make us on the top among others.

Pipe Extrusion Line

Last year, JIANGSU BEIER equipments were awarded as energy-saving mechanical and electrical products recommended from National Ministry of Industry and Information. Many customers of BEIER have indicated that BEIER equipments help a lot in reducing operating cost. Let’s see what is the results from our Egyptian client.

Extrusion Line

The tested machine is our 20-63mm PPR high speed, high efficiency pipe extrusion line. According to the data, BEIER equipment can save up to 185000 kwh electricity each year, it cost 145000 Egypt pounds, or USD8230. Actually bigger pipe diameter can save even more. BEIER machinery export 65% equipments worldwide. The secret is first-class product quality, high efficiency and energy saving design, and more acceptable purchase price compared with European equipment. In the meanwhile, our professional European R&D team and the efficient global after-sales network provide a stronger guarantee for BEIER customers.
Testing data of BEIER extrusion line

BEIER extrusion line

Testing data of a Germany brand

BEIER Extrusion Line

The customer can’t wait to inform us of his test results

Beier Machinery

JIANGSU BEIER machinery is the leading brand of pipe extrusion equipment manufacturer. Its high speed, high efficiency and energy saving European standard extrusion line serviced hundreds of plastic companies over 80 countries and regions worldwide. By the company’s philosophy “Quality is our foundation, Credibility is our faith, aspire for win-win “, team of BEIER have clear goal and dedicate to development of technology and quality and to narrow the gap toward the top European machines.

Pipe Extrusion Line

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