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Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line


Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line Description:

The corrugated pipe extrusion line is used to produce plastic double wall corrugated pipe by plastic granule materials.This kind double wall plastic corrugated pipe extrusion line adopts advanced design concept to ensure the efficient extrusion, combined with the unique concept of plasticization screw design to ensure uniformity of plastic extrusion, high capacity production.

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Large diameter double wall corrugated pipe is made of plasticized PVC,PE in calibration machine,By means of different mold blocks,you can produce pipes with different specifications. Nowadays the pipe has been widely applied for agriculture water supply and sewage in many fields.The pipes produced by this line have excellent hardness and flexibility. The corrugated pipe extrusion line consists of control system, extruder, die, vacuum calibration unit, hauling-off and planetary cutting system and stacker.


Beier Machinery is a high quality corrugated pipe extrusion line manufacturer in China. The forming system of corrugated pipe extrusion line consists of mould and corrugator. The mould blocks can be easily changed and they may have air or water cooling system. The belling process can also be realized on line. High precision cutting can be guarateed by rotation type cutting machine. Corrugated pipe production line can also be equipment with Siemens program logic control system.

The materials extruded enjoy stable curing and high efficiency. The mould surface is nitrogenized and polished. The corrugated pipe extrusion line unit is fitted with a wall thickness regulating device, suitable for the production of different raw materials and ring resistance materials. The forming and extruding mold work together to achieve the vacuum forming technology and extruded pipe online belling. The forming machine can be three-dimensional adjustment and is provided with self-protection for sudden power cut. Cutter can cut pipe in right position by tracking switch. The extruding line is equipped with computer control system. The system adopts upper and lower position sets for management. The upper and down position can display several pictures and have memory function of extruding and forming technologies and operations.

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