Current Situation of Plastic Pipe Extrusion Market

In the past two years, Chinese plastic pipe extrusion market has not a small forward and breakthrough in Chinese plastics machinery market, the extruder as an important processing equipment, the development prospects are very optimistic, Chinese plastics machinery enterprises in recent years increased the squeeze Emerging market development, brand awareness to further expand the market competitiveness to further improve the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly improved.

Although Chinese plastic pipe extrusion  market is developing rapidly, but the proportion of extruder exports is still low. Rising raw material costs and energy costs pressure, so that energy saving, materials become the focus of extrusion processing industry. At the same time, extrusion technology suppliers can develop a variety of different angles from the rich energy-saving programs to maximize the user’s energy needs to meet.

Chinese plastic machinery to adjust the structure of the extruder industry to enhance the development of space. The current status of the development of the domestic plastics machinery industry is the existence of independent innovation capacity is low, high-grade and personalized special varieties less, the industry concentration of these low problems. The existence of these problems led to China’s plastics machinery industry is not as soon as possible to catch up with the level of foreign plastic machinery.

After the long-term development of Chinese press industry’s international influence continues to improve, to cope with the ability of trade protectionism, manufacturing technology and the overall strength to further improve, therefore, Chinese extruder industry in foreign trade and exports a lot of favorable conditions. As China’s extruder products and strategic new industries are closely linked, with high efficiency, energy-saving advantages and high cost, the developed countries in the low-end exports, this part of the consumer demand is rigid, so the extruder Industry development still has a larger market space.

From the domestic perspective, China is still in the industrialization, information, urbanization, marketization, internationalization in-depth development stage, is still in the development of an important strategic opportunity period, which will give the extruder industry to provide an inexhaustible development momentum. Finally, the international market to pick up, for the extruder business has brought confidence.

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