Maintenance and cleaning of plastic pipe extrusion

Just as the car needs to be maintained, your factory’s plastic pipe extrusion also needs to be serviced. Usually, the daily maintenance of the single screw extruder can not only reduce the failure of the single screw extruder, but also extend the use of plastic pipe extrusion life. Jiangsu Bell Machinery is the main production of plastic pipe extrusion business, now introduced under the single screw extruder daily maintenance which:
1, debris is not allowed within the material, strictly prohibited metal and gravel and other hard objects into the hopper and plastic pipe extrusion.
2, open the barrel cover or suction cover, to prevent foreign body falling into the host.
3, should have enough preheating heating time, before driving the manual wheel should be light. Generally meet the process set temperature should be constant temperature 2 hours.
4, the screw is only allowed to start at low speed, idle time does not exceed 3 minutes.
5, the new machine running, the gear box should be replaced all the new oil, then run 3000 hours after the replacement of a lubricant, after the necessary maintenance in the quality of the test, if necessary, replacement.
6, the annual inspection of the cylinder and the screw wear, gear boxes, bearings and oil seals.
7, when the main motor for the DC motor, the monthly inspection of the motor carbon brush, and make a record, if necessary, should be replaced.
8, single screw extruder for a long time parking, the machine should have anti-rust, anti-fouling measures.
9, the daily inspection content: the lubrication of the lubrication and oil conditions, the rotation of the parts of the bearing temperature and noise, the unit’s vibration; motor current and voltage display; lubricating oil, cooling water temperature, pressure display and Its pipeline leakage situation.

If you do not turn on for a long time, be sure to note the following:
1. Check the electrical wiring is accurate and no loose phenomenon.
2. Measure the heater with a megger, the insulation resistance of the heater must not be greater than 0.5μΩ (long time not open).
3. Check the thermocouple, melt sensor and other test components installed is good.
4. Add lubricating oil to the box to the center of the cursor and start the oil pump for lubrication. Add the oil to the center of the cursor.
5. Check all the upper and lower water pipes, tubing, vacuum piping, should be smooth, no leakage, the control valve should be adjusted and flexible.
6. Make sure that the host screw barrel assembly is suitable for the type of material to be carried out. If it is obviously not suitable, adjust the assembly.
7. Check the main motor and feed motor rotation direction, the face of the extruder main engine head, the host clockwise rotation.
8. Clean up the storage bin and hopper. After confirming that there is no foreign matter, fill the material with the storage bin. A variety of metering feeding device, according to industry requirements for on-site calibration, given the feed device feeding curve and agreed to test program.
9. On the oil vacuum exhaust requirements of the operation, should be added in the condensing tank clean water to the specified water level. Close the vacuum pipe and condensate tank of the valve, check the exhaust chamber seal is good.
10.Plastic pipe extrusion main engine cooling for soft water cooling.
11. For materials with large heat dissipation or shear insulation, use the soft water circulation cooling system of the unit in operation. Before use, the boiler should be filled with soft water to the specified level. The initial use should be the system after the work of soft water to the provisions of the appropriate amount of soft to the normal level.

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