Maintenance of Single Screw Extruder

Just as the car needs maintenance, the extruder of your factory also needs maintenance. The daily maintenance of the single screw extruder can not only reduce the failure of the extruder, but also extend the use of the single screw extruder life. Jiangsu Beier Machinery is specialized in producing single screw extruders. Now introduce the daily maintenance of the single screw extruder:
1. Miscellaneous materials are not allowed in the material. It is strictly forbidden to enter hard materials such as metal and sand into the hopper and single screw extruder.
2. When opening the cylinder cover or the exhaust cover, prevent foreign objects from falling into the host.
3. To have enough warm-up time, manual driving before driving should be brisk. Generally, it should be kept at a constant temperature for 2 hours after reaching the process set temperature.

4. The screw can only be started at low speed, and the idle time is no more than 3 minutes.
5. After the new machine runs, all gear boxes should be replaced with new oil. After the operation for 3000 hours, the oil should be replaced once. After the necessary maintenance, the quality should be tested and replaced if necessary.
6. Check the wear of the cylinder and screw every year, gear box, bearing and oil seal.
7. When the main motor is a DC motor, check the motor carbon brush every month, and make a record, and replace it if necessary.
8. When the single screw extruder is parked for a long time, it must have anti-rust and anti-pollution measures for the machine.
9. Daily inspection contents: lubrication and oil level of each lubrication part, temperature rise and noise of each rotating part bearing, vibration of the unit; current and voltage display of the motor; temperature and pressure display of lubricating oil and cooling water The leakage of its pipeline.

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