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Foreign media said that astronomers have discovered the largest group of potential dinosaurs so far, about 40 light years from Earth. According to the British “Financial Times” website reported on February 23, led by the Belgian University of Liege, an international team found the planet. There are seven planets in the planets that are similar to the size of the earth, three of which have the potential to conceive life. These astronomers combined the findings of the 12 telescopes at the top of the mountain and in space, and the results were published in the journal Nature.

These planets run around a orbit of a relatively low temperature red dwarf named Trappist-1, which is only 8% of the sun and its energy output is only 0.5% of the sun. So far, the exploration of the planets in the Milky Way outside the solar system, known as extrasolar planets, has been concentrated on stars similar to the sun, and more than 3,500 planets have been found around these stars. The discovery of Trappist-1 marks the beginning of a new exploration focused on the red dwarf, with the red dwarf in number exceeding the larger stars.

The seven planets are located in Aquarius, size, quality and Earth almost, the radius of about 0.8 to 1.1 times the Earth, the quality of about 0.4 to 1.4 times the Earth. They surround TRAPPIST-1, about 39 light years from the Earth (about 368.94 trillion kilometers). This discovery makes astronomers very happy, looking for alien creatures outside the solar system, may be faster than expected to ignite the hope. This is the first time that so many stars “may have a life planet” surround the same star. Trappist-1 slightly larger than Jupiter, the brightness is still weak than the sun 2 thousand times, because the stars are small and cold, so that it is very gentle around the seven planets, means that may contain liquid water, and even life. Researchers say seven of the seven planets are located in the shelter, where the planet “Trappist-1f” is most likely to conceive the body of life. Although its temperature is lower than the earth, but if the appropriate atmosphere and enough greenhouse gas is likely to be livable. University of Berne, Switzerland Professor de Morley that the seven planets are so far the first choice for alien life. Participating in the study of the University of Liege, Belgium astrophysicist Gillon is believed that “Trappist-1” around there may be more planets.

From the NASA simulation of the picture point of view, it is likely to have life here, or have the basic conditions for human livability: air, water, temperature. Then the human science and technology with a large number of existing plastic out of the plastic pipeline must be very market, and taking into account the galaxy from the Earth has 40 light years away, 1 light is 300,000 km X60X60X24X360 = 933120000000000, namely: 93312 Billion kilometers. 40 light years is 93312X40 = 3732480 billion kilometers !!!, and the transport vehicle is expensive spacecraft, so only in the Trappist-1 galaxy local production is more in line with the actual conditions and more economical, then the problem came:

Outside the space production equipment which strong?

Jiangsu BEIER Machinery
Jiangsu BEIER Machinery
Jiangsu BEIER Machinery

The high-volume and high-efficiency extruder of the 38D series single-screw high-speed and high-efficiency extruder of Jiangsu Bell Machinery Co., Ltd. uses high aspect ratio L / D = 38 for HDPE / PP / PP / R / PE-RT plastic pipe extrusion Good melting homogeneous state, and energy efficient, safe operation. At the same time, BEIER designed high torque reducer and alloy steel gear box material, to achieve the load state of high efficiency production and low noise and so on. At the same time won the national environmental protection and energy recommended directory, proved its low energy consumption that is high output characteristics. And these two points for the Trappist-1 galaxy local production is very important.

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