O-PVC Pipe is The Best Choice for High-pressure Fluid Transport

O-PVC pipes have a high resistance to shock.This means that are minimized breakages during installation or during on-site trials caused by dropping or by impacts from stones . Furthermore , molecular orientation prevents the propagation of cracks and scratches and eliminates the risk of rapid crack behavior. The result is a spectacular increase in the product’s useful life.

O-PVC pipes
O-PVC pipes offer a resistance to internal pressure of two times the nominal pressure, which means that they can bear sporadic excessive pressure such as water hammers and other malfunctions in the network. Moreover, the material creep behavior is very low, ensuring the durability of the pipe working at nominal pressure for over a hundred years.

Pipe Extrusion Line
O-PVC is immune to corrosion and to natural chemical substances, as well as to aggression from micro- and macro-organisms. Therefore, it is not degradable. Moreover, they do not require any type of special protection or coating, which means cost-savings.

Plastic Pipe Extrusion
O-PVC pipes are lighter and easier to handle than other pipes made from other materials: in most cases, handling does not require machinery. What’s more, due to the easiness union, flexibility and impact resistance, they make a positive stand out in terms of cost, performance and installation speed compared to other pipes.

Pipe Extrusion Line
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