PE Pipe Production Line 250mm

PE Pipe Production Line Description:

PE pipe production line is mainly used to produce agricultural / water supply pipes, gas supply pipes, architectural water supply / drainage pipes, cable laying pipes etc. This PE pipe production machine adopts advanced design concept to ensure the efficient extrusion of PE material combined with the unique concept of plasticization screw design to ensure uniformity of plastic extrusion, high capacity production.

PE Pipe Production Line

PE Pipe Extrusion Line Characteristics:

1. Special screw design improve output and plasticization.
2. PE pipe extruder adopts V type gear box, compact structure, high torque.
3. Reasonable bottom structure, double channel fan blower.
4. Spiral grooved bush in feeding part.
5. AC motor, free maintenance.

PE Pipe Extrusion Machine Technical Parameter:

Model Pipe range(mm) Extruder model Extruder motor power(kw) Max. Output(kg/h)
BRD-63 Φ20-63 BRD60/38 90 450
BRD-110 Φ20-110 BRD60/38 110 500
BRD-160 Φ40-160 BRD60/38 110 500
BRD-250 Φ50-250 BRD75/38 160 680
BRD-450 Φ160-450 BRD90/38 250 1000
BRD-630 Φ280-630 BRD90/38 280 1100
BRD-800 Φ315-800 BRD120/38 315 1300
BRD-1200 Φ500-1200 BRD120/38 355 1400
BRD-1600 Φ1000-1600 BRD90/38&BRD90/38 250+250 2000
BRD-2000 Φ1000-2000 BRD90/38&BRD90/38 280+280 2200

Complete PE Pipe Production Line:

PE Pipe Production Line

PE Pipe Extrusion Line Video:

PE Pipe Extrusion Line Detail:

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