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PE/PP Wood Plastic Profile Extrusion Line

PE/PP Wood Plastic Profile Extrusion Line Introduction:

Beier Machinery PE/PP Wood Plastic Profile Extrusion Line adpots the specialized screw, barrel and mold to produce the wood plastic product.

Material can be extruded directly after two-stage mixing. It also can be extruded after granulating. The profile extrusion Line is with the character of energy and space saving. High out put, stable performance, etc. Pre-heating feeder is installed at the top of the extruder, which will dewatering the wood powder first, the plastictizing will be more effective. The use of the special screw, the wood fibre which is minimum cutting or hard to cut, it will makes the time longer when material stay in the machine. Both the screw and the barrel are special treated. They are wear and corrosion resistance, also with long service life.


This wood plastic profile extrusion line is consisted of conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum calibration table, haul-off, and stacker. Also coordinaed with siffererent kinds of moulds to produce PVC door & window profiles, foamed special shaped profiles, decoration plates, etc.

PE/PP Wood Plastic Profile Extrusion Line Features:

a.For extruding PE and PP wood profile,output is 100~250kg/h
b.Particular designed screw for wood plastic, ensures better plasticization, higher productivity, bimetallic screw barrel ensures it to be more wearable and long life span.
c.With double vacuum cans, it can be cleared during machine running.
d.Adopt with full aspects efficient water mist cooling on forfile.

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