Plastic pipe extrusion market

HDPE) pipe with low density, good toughness, small coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, good insulation properties, easy construction and installation of the advantages of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, , The current market development potential and large. Chinese current plastic pipe extrusion production capacity of 3.5 million metric tons / year, of which PE plastic pipe production capacity of 1.6 million metric tons / year.

As HDPE pipe performance / price ratio is better than other plastic pipe, it is expected in the future development potential in the Chinese market is quite large, estimated its main potential for development of the market:

1, Drainage, sewage pipe

Although the Chinese mainland PE buried drainage pipes and sewage pipe use has just started, but with the country’s attention to environmental protection, the market potential in this area is very large. At present, this area consumes about 80,000 metric tons of HDPE pipe.

2, Gas pipe

The current HDPE gas pipe demand in China is only about 70,000 metric tons / year, accounting for only 14% of the gas pipe market, far below the United States 90%, Europe 60% -70%, and for The HDPE of the gas pipe basically relies on imports. Expected future With the improvement of gas pipe application technology and people on the superiority of HDPE gas pipe awareness, HDPE gas pipeline market potential.

3, Sandwich tube

HDPE coated tube with insulation, long life, corrosion, easy construction, energy saving and other advantages, widely used in heating, refrigeration and corrosion and other fields. In 2005 China’s demand in this area is about 50,000 metric tons, the future growth rate is expected to be more than 10%.

4, Indoor and outdoor water pipes

At present, China’s urban water supply, desalination and other projects more and more use HDPE pipe. 2004 HDPE water supply pipe demand for about 150,000 tons, is expected in the future with the mainland China to increase the penetration rate of water and urban construction, the demand for HDPE water supply pipe will be more and more.

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