Principles of PE tube extrusion machine

Principles of PE tube extrusion machine

PP Tube Extrusion Line

The plastic manufacturing industry is a highly comprehensive and technological industrial chain.

PE tube extrusion machine involves polymer chemistry, polymer physics, interface theory, plastic machinery, plastic processing molds, formulation and structure design, and process control. The key science of extrusion theory studies the movement and changing trend of plastics in an extruder. The relationship between the three physical conditions of polymers occurring in an extruder under external forces and different temperature ranges, as well as the screw structure, plastic properties, and production and processing standards. And then carry out reasonable process control. In order to achieve the goal of improving the production and quality of plastic products. Plastic polymer materials, when heated under constant pressure, exhibit three physical conditions: glass state, high elastic state, and viscous flow state within different temperature ranges. Generally, the molding temperature of plastics is above the viscous flow temperature.

The rotation of the screw causes the shear force to break the plastic; The rotation of the screw causes the driving force to continue to advance the broken plastic and thus cause extrusion pressure; Under the effect of extrusion pressure, the filter plate and other positions to which the pressure is applied cause reaction forces (i.e., back pressure), leading to the complete flow and mixing of plastic, thereby completing the overall balance of the extrusion process. This efficacy process is a necessary and sufficient condition for the completion of uniform plasticization of plastics.

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