PVC Profile Extrusion Machine
PVC Profile Extrusion Production Line

PVC Profile Extrusion Production Line Description:

Beier Company provides PVC profile extrusion line mainly composed by conical twin screw extruder, vacuum calibration table, haul off machine, cutting machine, stacker. PVC profile extrusion machine with different moulds. PVC profile extrusion machine can produce various UPVC profile. Such as: PVC window door profile, PVC door panel, PVC window sill board, cabinet door board, curtain box and different decorative PVC profiles.

PVC Profile Extrusion Production Line

And by changing screw barrel and mould, profile extrusion line can also produce PVC based WPC products. Such as: WPC wall panel, WPC window door frame moldings, skirting moldings, WPC door board etc.

Beier machinery provides high quality PVC profile extruder production line.

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PVC Profile Extrusion Machine Application:

1. Particular designed conical twin screw for PVC powder raw materials.

2. Adapted to different moulds for different Pvc profiles.

3. with special designed vaccum calibration platform, haul-off and cutter, stacker.

4. Adopt with full aspects efficient water mist cooling on profile.

PVC Profile Extrusion Line Details:

  • PVC Profile Extruder
  • PVC Profile Extruder Line

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