Sheet Extrusion Machine
PP PE PS ABS Sheet Extruder Line

PP PE PS ABS Sheet Extruder Line Description:

This PP PE PS ABS sheet extruder line is used to produce series sheet product. The sheet extrusion machine can be applicable for PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS mataterials, has features of corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance and super toughness.

Sheet Extruder Line

PP PE PS ABS Sheet Extrusion Machine Features:

  • The screw was designed by special mixed material and high plastify, so that flux plastic, coloury, high output.
  • T-die was designed by special double throttle, it make sure sheet thickness more nicety.
  • Temperature control ±1, it will exactly control plastify process, sheet thickness.
  • Forming roller platform adopts vertical or 45 degree inclined collocation, which can lift up and down, it supplies more options in operations in operation for producing thick board thin board, and enhance quality of board.
  • Forming roller loop cooling system, matching with mould temperature controller to control temperature, which ensures even thickness of board.
  • Shearer can precisely cut the board.
  • Winder device, which adopts high grade torque motor, matching with four-axis automatic tension controlling, which can adjust speed and winding tension to get even surface for thin board, also with slitting device can set width of product as you want, we fix automatic meter counter which can set the length of product.
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Sheet Extruder Line

PP PE PS ABS Sheet Production Line Technical Parameters:

Mate rial
Products Width
Products Thickness
Extruder Specification

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