SJ Series Single Screw Extruder

SJ series single screw extruder Application:
Beier Machinery provides SJ series single screw extruder is mainly used in extruding PE,polyolefin and other thermoplastic plastics. It can processes all kinds of plastics products with auxiliary machines concerned,such as film, pipe, bar, plate, thread, ribbon, insulating layer of cable, hollow products and so on. It is also used in graining. It adopts advanced technology and results in high productivity and good plasticity ,applicable to large range plastic materials.

SJ Series Single Screw Extruder

SJ Series Single Screw Extruder design is advanced. Its production capacity is high, its plasticization is good and its energy consumption is low. It adopts hard tooth face of gear for transmission. SJ Series Single Screw Extruder has advantages of low noise, smooth operation,large loading, long use-life and so on.


Features of SJ Series Single Screw Extruder:
High efficiency and high performance.Material is cut,pre-dried,pre-heated,pre-homogenized and compacted in the shredding drum.Many materials can be processed directly without need of the upstream pre-shredding,resulting in a dramatic reduction in operational costs.Less power consumption cost per kilogram,high throughput,reduced floor space occupation and operator attendance.
Advanced computer module control system enables implementation of automatic control on overall production line
Temperature control system of excellent performance ensure stable process
Power driven system assures durability and easy maintenance
Design of compulsively water cooling and feeding grooved sleeve ensures steady production
Cast aluminum heating ring and super noise-free ventilator is designed with super appearance
Low-abrasion design of screw
High fusion of material
Gently fusing process
Even fusing process
Low consumption of energy

SJ Series Single Screw Extruder is suitable for various polyolefin materials:
1.HDPE, PPR, PP,and ABS etc. Adopt advanced human- machine interface control system to realize the automatic control of the whole line.
2. Excellent temperature control system to ensure the stability of the producing process. Integrated design of force water cooling and force feeding groove ensures the evenness and stability of the manufacturing process.
3. High-performance driving system; Wearable and easy to maintain

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