The maintenance and cleaning of plastic pipe extrusion machines

Just as the car

Just as car, the extrusion machines are also needed to be maintained. Jiangsu Beier Machinery is a main manufacturer of plastic pipe extrusion company. Following is the instruction of its methods of maintenance


There are two ways to do the maintenance of extrusion machines, which are daily maintenance and periodic maintenance.

Daily maintenance is routine work, and doesn’t occupy the operational working hour. Usually, it can be finished when the machine starts. The key is to clean the opponents and lubricate every piece inside, fasten threaded fitting, check and adjust the electromotor, control the meter and so on.

Periodic maintenance is done termly, it usually begins when the extrusion machine continuously work for 2500 to 5000 hours. Machine needs to be separated into piece for the checking, measurement and examination of the opponents’ condition. Then the ruined opponents can be changed and broken ones can be fixed.

BEIER introduction

JIANGSU BEIER MACHINERY is leading the plastic machinery manufacturer in China. We are specialized in researching development and manufacturing of plastic extrusion, including pipe, profile, roof tile,PVC-O and so on. We have served customers from more than 80 countries and regions all over the word. Your approval encourages us to do better and develop even further. In future, we will keep going, providing services and products for more customers and creating larger values.

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