The trend of development of energy-saving plastic pipe extrusion industry

With the social progress and the application of science and technology, people’s demand for plastic is growing. The market of plastic pipe extrusion industry has great potential under the support of state. Nevertheless, compared with the level of the world, plastic industries in China have some weaknesses. There are few brand plastic machinery companies in China. What’s more, most of national plastic companies are individual workshops producing machines which are low technical and less value-added. Foreign countries like Europe, United States and Japan with their high technology have monopolized the industry, affecting the healthy development of the plastic machinery industry.

plastic pipe extrusion

plastic pipe extrusion

At present, the domestic demand of plastic is 16-20 million tons every year and 100-120 million plastic machines should be put into use. If all the plastic machines are replaced by energy-saving plastic extrusion machines, it will reduce 60% of the total energy consuming of Three Gorges Dam.

BEIER Group have 4 main products:
High efficiency, Energy saving European standard extrusion line
Plastic washing & recycling line
PVC mixing and precision metering system
European standard blow molding line


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