TSK Parallel Twin-screw Extrusion Line

Beier Machinery is high quality professional manufacturer in China. Beier company is specialized in providing you with TSK parallel twin-screw extrusion line. The quality of the plastic extrusion line is reliable and the performance is stable. TSK parallel twin-screw extrusion line is a kind of high-efficiency compounding and extruding line .


The screw & barrel adopt building block type design principle to change the length of the barrel, choose different screw stem parts to assemble the line according to material characteristics to get the best work condition and max function.Because TSK parallel twin-screw extrusion line has good mixing, separating, dewatering and self-cleaning functions to avoid the materials wrapping the axle, caking in the extruding process. With the rotation of the screw, the surface of the materials continuously change, helps the volatile matter dewater, treat, and etc.
TSK parallel twin-screw extrusion line mainly composed of barrel screw, gear driven system, measurable feeding, vacuum deair, heating&cooling, and other electric components etc. It is widely used in various thermoplastic filling, compounding, improving modification, exhausting and vaporizing, stable coloring and even granulating.

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