The most common molding method of plastic pipe extrusion die

Plastic pipe extrusion die The most common molding methods are generally divided into melt molding and solid phase molding two categories:
Melt molding is the plastic heating to the melting point above, so that it is in the molten state of the molding process, belonging to this molding method of the molding process is mainly injection molding, compression molding (shrinkage) molding, extrusion molding;
Solid phase molding refers to the plastic below the melting temperature to maintain a solid type of molding methods, such as some plastic packaging containers produced by vacuum forming, compressed air molding and blow molding. In addition, there are liquid molding methods, such as casting, slush and dip dip molding method.

common molding method plastic pipe extrusion die
The two molding methods are different, according to the above method can be divided into different processing requirements of the plastic processing mold type, mainly injection molding die, extrusion molding mold, compression molding mold, blow molding mold, plastic molding mold, high hair Foam polystyrene molding mold.

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