PVC Four Cavity Pipe Production Line

PVC Four Cavity Production Line Introduction:

PVC four cavity pipe production line is mainly used in the production of Agricultural water supply & water discharge system, architectural water supply & discharge system, wire laying system, etc. purposes.

4 cavity PVC electrical tube, water supply pipe extrusion line can extrude four pipes at same time on one machine, PVC pipe extrusion line can save investment cost in factory building and production,which increase the capacity a lot and reduce production time. SJZ65 conical twin-screw extruder can easily reach 5.5-6.5 ton/per day,the production speed take 16mm as example can get more than 8-10 m/min

PVC Four Cavity Pipe Production Line

PVC pipe extrusion machine is composed of conical twin screw extruder Φ65mm,4 cavit cooling calibration tan,4 station haul-off ,4 station cutter,and 4 station tipping table.

PVC Four Cavity Pipe Production Machine Application:

1. Conveyance of water, under pressure
2. Sewerage piping systems
3. Drainage piping systems
4. Electrical, telecommunications engineering pipeline

PVC Four Cavity Pipe Line Main Parameter:

Suitable dai:Φ16-Φ32mm.
Four station haul-off:up-down two caterpillar tracking
Drawing speed:1-10m/min
Drawing forth:6000Nplastic pipe extrusion

Complete PVC Pipe Production Line:

PVC Four Cavity Pipe Production Line

PVC Four Cavity Production Line Video:

PVC Four Cavity Pipe Production Machine Details:

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  • Extruder Part
    Verticle High torque gearbox. Gearbox:Sunglung brand,Taiwan. Every 48hours clean and fast cooling system. 16mm speed:13m/min*4pcs=52m/min(conduit pipe). 32mm speed:6m/min*4pcs=24m/min(pressure pipe).
  • Mould Part
    Extrusion head inside spider structure, equal distribution & best plasticization. Copper Calibrator with double water ring,stable and fast running on line.
  • Vacuum Tank Part
    The frst Vacuum tank lenght: 1000mm. Water tank with water level inside drange design. 304# Sainless Steel material without any painting.
  • Hual-off Part
    Four pipe independent controlled. Speed range: 0-20m/min. Sychronous of PLC, Vacuum tank and Haul off. ABB invertor controlled.
  • Chipless Cutter
    Meter encoder with prescisely and stability. Ring knife design independently controlled. Chiless cutter without PVC dust... Each blade diameter easier changed to sharpner.
  • Belling
    Two oven heating system. 4+4 solvent type design. Negetive pressure + water spray design.