Improved Performance of Plastic Extruder Machine for High Yield

In order to meet the needs of high speed and high yield, the performance of plastic extruder machine is greatly improved. Equipped with tube heaters, the heating work of the extruder can be completed in a very short period of time, and the maximum heating temperature can reach 450 °C; The design of cooling flow channel realizes the reverse flow cooling and optimizes the cooling system;The “bow-shaped clamping device” is equipped, and the replacement time of the barrel is faster than that of the traditional bolt connection type;The barrel adopts a patented high-frequency quenching process, which gives excellent wear resistance, thus eliminating expensive wear resistance Bushing; In addition, it is also equipped with the company’s advanced process control system.

The specialized production can arrange the fixed-point production and even global procurement of various system modules of plastic extruder molding equipment. This is very beneficial for ensuring the quality of the machine, reducing costs, and accelerating the turnover of funds. Manufacturers will significantly reduce the cost of PVC pipeline raw materials by increasing the number of fillers. The engineering challenge is to ensure the stability of the process and the quality of the product.


The plastic extruder machine achieves the unification of high yield and high product mechanical properties. In addition, these extruders can provide high quality pipes with stable quality. In processing high fill formula, in order to make high fill formula processing easier, the extruder is equipped with a special material feed, weighing and metering system. By means of a screw screw, PVC dry mixture and CaCO3 are transported from the storage tank to the hopper of the weighing metering device. The hopper is fitted with a mixer and a mixer to prevent bridging. In addition, all measuring devices that come into contact with the material have a special coating on the surface to prevent the flow of materials from being blocked. From the metering device, the material is transported to the feed device located at the feed outlet of the extruder under the action of a blender and a special twin screw feeder.Intelligent and networked in addition to the technical transformation of the equipment itself, advanced plastic extruder has generally adopted microcomputer control, and the process parameters of the entire extrusion process such as melt pressure and temperature, temperature of each section of the fuselage, main screw and feed screw speed, feed quantity, The parameters such as the ratio of various raw materials and the current voltage of the motor are monitored and controlled online, which is very beneficial to ensure the stability of the process conditions and improve the accuracy of the product.

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