What is the working principle of plastic pipe extrusion line?


As an important equipment for plastic molding, plastic extruders transport, compact, melt, shear, mix, and extrude plastic through external power transmission and heat transfer from external heating elements.

And I have three main characteristics for the plastic industry. Firstly, the industry’s attention to high-efficiency and energy-saving technologies is increasing, and energy-saving and high-efficiency extrusion machines have become an important direction for technological innovation; Secondly, the demand for high-performance flexible packaging films in industries such as food, beverage, and new energy continues to rise, driving the continuous innovation of multi-layer coextrusion technology for plastic films; Thirdly, China’s extrusion technology has begun to increase research and development efforts in various supporting components and auxiliary equipment fields, accelerating the pace of new technology application and expansion, and promoting the rapid improvement of the overall technological level.

The plastic pipe extrusion line is also constantly improving and improving. During operation, heating, pressing, and shearing are used to transform solid plastic into a uniform and consistent melt, and the production of the melt to the next process involves mixing additives such as color masterbatch, mixing resin, and re crushing. The finished melt must be uniform in concentration and temperature. The pressure must be large enough to extrude the viscous polymer.

The extruder completes all the above processes through a barrel with a screw and a spiral channel. Plastic particles enter the barrel through a hopper at one end of the barrel and are then transported to the other end of the barrel through the screw. In order to have sufficient pressure, the depth of the thread on the screw decreases as the distance to the hopper increases. External heating and internal heat generated by friction between the plastic and the screw cause the plastic to soften and melt. Generally, different polymers have different applications. Plastic extruders are designed to exhaust outlets, multiple feeding ports, special mixing devices along the screw, cooling and heating of the melt, external heat sources, relative changes in the gap between the screw and the barrel, and the number of screws.

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